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Wig Manufacturers in USA: Amani Hair

Amani Hair specializes in wig manufacturing. Based in Southern California, Amani specialize in manufacturing hair wigs and hairpieces with the most care. Our manufacturing process and techniques guarantee you receive top-quality real human hair wigs that look beautiful and feel comfortable. When you look your best, you feel your best, and you deserve that. 

Nazy Curtis is the founder of Amani. She has years of experience as a professional hairstylist, therefore she understands how to properly care for and style hair. Nazy also comprehends the importance of providing a reliable hair product. In fact, Nazy understands the need for high-quality wigs that allow you to continue your active lifestyle firsthand. She’s experienced hair loss with alopecia, as well as after chemotherapy from breast cancer. 

Now, Nazy works diligently to help others who are experiencing hair loss by manufacturing top-quality human hair wigs that are comfortable, natural-looking, and durable. 

Get in contact with our wig manufacturing company to see a wide selection of our Human hair wigs. 

Wig Manufacturing Process

Amani Hair Company prides itself on the wig manufacturing process, providing all of our clients with a great quality human hair wig. Beautiful wigs aren’t made in one day. To ensure our hair wigs are reliable and beautiful, they follow a precise manufacturing process. 

First, the human hair is prepped for the process. This first step in the process is vital to creating a natural-looking and durable wig. The hair strands must be organized, washed, and inspected by an expert wigmaker. After drying them, the wigmaker must brush the hair gently to prevent knots from forming. 

Second, the pattern of the wig must be decided. In order to create the best fit possible, we take our client’s head measurements into consideration. We’ll trim the wig according to your liking and preference. With these specific measurements, Amani Hair company can provide you with a fantastic human hair wig. 

Third, the wig’s foundation must be built, along with the knotting of hairs. The foundation, also known as a wig cap, serves as the base for your wig. It holds all the hairs in place. Then, the hairs are attached to the net foundation through a process called knotting. Our process ensures that your wig is secure and comfortable, so you can be your best while wearing a human hair wig. 

Last but certainly not least, there’s styling. The styling process in wig making is where the client can really make the wig their own. Maybe you want a style that looks totally natural, or maybe you want a completely different look. Here at Amani Hair company, we can help you find the perfect wig for your needs. 

Types of Wigs That Are Manufactured

Amani Hair company can help you find the exact wig for you, regardless of the reason. Here are a few different types of wigs that are manufactured.

  • Machine Made Wigs: These types of wigs are made using a machine. The hair can be real human hair or synthetic. The hair bundles are sewn into the wig cap with the help of a machine. These types of wigs are usually more affordable, but may not provide the most natural look when compared to alternative options. 
  • Hand-Tied Wigs: The manufacturing process of a hand-tied wig can be quite laborious and meticulous. As the name suggests, these types of wigs require the wigmaker to knot each strand or fiber of hair individually into the wig cap. It’s no surprise that these wigs are more expensive than machine-made wigs for example. They can also provide the wearer with a more natural look. 
  • Synthetic Wigs: Synthetic wigs are made from man-made fibers. Compared to wigs made from real human hair, synthetic wigs are much more affordable. They also require less care to maintain looking good. Synthetic wigs also tend to come in a wide range of styles and colors. 
  • Human Hair Wigs: Real human hair wigs provide you with a natural appearance. These types of wigs can be more expensive because of the material used to make them. Human Hair wigs provide you with a completely natural look. Additionally, they require higher maintenance to keep them at top quality. 
  • Custom Made Wigs: Custom-made wigs are perfect for those seeking a comfortable and natural fit. In order to make these wigs, the wigmaker must collect your exact head measurements. These measurements are used to create a wig that fits and looks perfect. 

Human Hair Manufacturer

Amani Hair Company manufactures great quality wigs from human hair. We can help you find the perfect one for you and your needs. We carry different wig collections, as well as wigs for men, women, children, and those with medical conditions, such as cancer and alopecia patients. 

Everyone deserves to look and feel great. Amani Hair Company is here to help you do that with a top-quality human hair wig. Contact us today to learn more about obtaining your own human hair wig. 

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