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Wig Distributors

What are wholesale wig distributors?

Wholesale wig distributors are different from wholesale wig manufacturers. It may be helpful to view wholesale wig distributors as the middle-man between wig manufacturers and wig retailers. Wholesale wig distributors get the product, in this case wigs, directly from manufacturers. From there, they are “distributed” to retail spaces. 

Retail spaces include hair salons, beauty shops, and wig stores. Usually, wholesale wig distributors sell products in bulk. Meaning, it’s inconvenient and difficult to sell it to one customer who may need only one product. They rely on retail spaces to buy the large bulk for their customers. 

Customers must then go to stores that sell the product they are looking for. If a customer is looking for a custom, real human hair wig then they must go to a store or center that specializes in providing them. Amani Hair Company works with different locations that can help clients obtain the perfect Amani wig for them.

European Human Hair Wig

Wholesale Human Hair Wig Distributors

Amani Hair Company provides many people with top-quality wigs made from real human hair. We utilize 100% real European human hair because the result is a beautiful and durable wig for our clients. We work diligently to create top-of-the-line wigs that will fulfill our customers’ needs. Looking good, feeling good, and continuing the lifestyle you want are all important aspects of a happy life. Therefore, Amani wigs ensure that your wig can withstand your busy life while giving you a natural-looking appearance. 


We carry a wide selection of wigs to fit your needs, preference, and style. Each client has different needs and requests when looking for their perfect human hair wig. Here are several types of wigs a client may be looking for. 

  • Men’s Wigs / Toupees
    • Men can suffer hair loss for several reasons. Whether it’s age, hormonal changes, or other health conditions, they deserve to look and feel their best. Men’s hair loss solutions can come in different types. There are men’s wigs, that fully cover the scalp. Similar, there are toupees and hairpieces. These options help cover bald spots or minimal hair loss a man may be experiencing. 
  • Women Wigs
    • Women can experience hair loss for different reasons. Aging, hormonal changes, or health conditions can be the cause of their hair loss. For most women, hair loss can take a toll on their mental and emotional well-being. Amani Hair Company provides a wide selection of human hair wigs for women. We work to create the best wig for your needs and wants. 
  • Children’s Wigs
    • Children are not exempt from hair loss. Health conditions, such as cancer, alopecia, etc. can lead to a child losing their hair. Childhood is a crucial part of their development, and providing them with confidence and a sense of self is vital to their well-being. We manufacture and distribute children’s wigs that are comfortable and reliable for a child’s active lifestyle. 
  • Cancer Wigs
    • Hair loss due to cancer and chemotherapy can be a disheartening experience for a cancer patient. Our cancer wigs are made to provide a sense of relief and comfort to people going through this difficult time in their lives. Being able to restore a part of themselves goes a long way when battling a difficult condition. Our human hair wigs for cancer patients look natural and feel just as good.
  • Alopecia Wigs
    • Alopecia is a medical condition in which a patient loses a substantial amount of hair. This is caused by a disorder in the immune system that causes it to attack itself, specifically hair follicles. Some may experience a few spots of hair loss, whereas others may lose most of their hair, including body hair. Such hair loss can feel pretty devastating to experience. Amani Hair Company provides human hair wigs for alopecia patients. 

Wig Distributors in Southern California

Amani Hair is one of the best wig distributors in Southern California, and we’re extremely proud of that. Amani Hair Company works hard to provide anyone and everyone who needs a top-quality wig in their life. Men, women, and children deserve to feel like themselves despite the hardship of hair loss. Natural-looking human hair wigs present people with an opportunity to be themselves with confidence. You won’t have to worry about giving up an active lifestyle because our wigs are well-fitting and reliable. 


There are several locations in Orange County and San Diego County that can help you attain Amani Hair wigs: 


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