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Amani, a hair company, is Southern California’s premier provider of custom wigs systems (cranial prosthesis) as well as natural hair wigs, volume pieces and hair extensions.

Our designs have been developed through extensive research of materials, hair and manufacturing techniques and must meet rigorous standard for quality, fit and comfort. Our bestseller – the unique Freehold cap, designed by Nazy Curtis is free of any glue, tape or clips. It is ideal for active lifestyles.

Each clients’ natural hairline, density, color and personal hairstyle are all considered when recommending a product. Our Amani hair can be brushed, cut, colored, curled and styled in any way your client prefers.

Made from the highest quality hand-selected European hair, our products, designed personally by Nazy, will help your clients to look and feel confident. Amani is one of the best wig brands around.

Hair Company, Best Wig Brand

Nazy Curtis

Nazy Curtis, founder of Amani, knows first-hand what it feels like to live with hair loss. Nazy began her hairstyling career in 1983 at Vidal Sassoon in Germany and has traveled the world as a color educator. As a top stylist and trendsetter, she first experienced hair loss with alopecia and later after chemotherapy from breast cancer. As a hair care professional, she saw a need for high-quality human hair wigs for those who want to cover their hair loss while also living an active lifestyle. To help others living with hair loss, Nazy combined her knowledge of hairstyles and color to create the Amani Hair Collection, an extensive line of custom wig systems, natural hair wigs, and volume pieces. The premium line is ideal for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle. Nazy is passionate about the earth and living an eco-friendly way of life. Each of our her designs are made with European high-quality hair, free of harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients. In her spare time, Nazy is an avid paddleboarder, the ocean is her playground and it’s where she connects with nature. Nazy even trains with an Olympic swimmer. She knows that anyone who enjoys high-intensity activities like swimming, yoga, tennis, Pilates, or a workout in the gym needs a wig that fits their lifestyle.
Nazy Curtis, Founder of Amani Hair, Hair Company, Best Wig Brand
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